I found comfort in multiple bowls of cereal after school; food was truly comfort for me even thought I didn't realize it at the time! 

Luckily, I found a love for sports in my teenage years and finally began to budge my weight which my began my journey into weight loss and wellness. Being the daughter of a chiropractor, I learned early on that our body is extremely powerful and is able to heal itself if given the right foods and enviroment, yet it was a long journey to finally apply this to my life! 

After years of struggling with my body image and relationship with food, I finally found my groove after college by becoming a certified personal training and developing relationships with my clients. I learned so much in that time and learned that true wellness is something that a lot of people struggle with; most thought that if they spent hours working out that somehow that would outweigh the "bad" choices they made with their diet. But I always knew the truth deep down, THAT FOOD WAS MEDICINE. 

Since then, I have made it my mission to truly educate on the importance of whole food nutrition and the healing powers of a healthy lifestyle! To me, that includes the foods we eat in their whole and organic form, buying from local farmers and the highest quality available to you, focusing on the products we use to clean our homes and our personal care products, all the way to the emotions and mindset we have on a daily basis. Our internal world truly becomes our external world. 


After 2 babies and putting my energy and life into my family by being a stay at home mom and business owner with my husband, I found that I had forgotten about myself. I had gained enough weight to make me tired, fatigued, craving foods I knew were not ideal, and not having that energy I longed for to get me through busy demanding days with 2 children and 2 businesses. I was a shell of who I used to be and had lost a sense of purpose and drive. 

I stumbled across the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Program and knew it was different because of the Intermittent Fasting and Carb Cycling Approach. I didn't really know what either of those were, but I knew it was DIFFERENT and I wanted in. 

I started the program in January 2019 and started seeing results immediately. I started gaining my energy and confidence back as my body was transformed! I was better than ever and felt VIBRANT! 

I decided that in addition to helping families all over the country with cleaner personal care products that it was time to help others transform their health with the FASTer Way! 

I was then interviewed and handpicked to become a FASTer Way Coach and am beyond thrilled to lead others in healing and transformation!


Over the years, my wellness journey has allowed me to learn a lot! From having my Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science, to being a Certified Personal Trainer, to hours and hours and hours of learning and understanding really nutrition (not what they teach you in college) and now to being a Certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss Coach, I am more passionate and driven than ever before to help transform lives and to help others recover the true power that food has to heal the body, but to also recover to true power that we each hold inside each and every one of us! 

Will you take that journey with me and find that power inside yourself again?? 

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