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Bone broth has become a very buzz-worthy term the last couple years; you might have a family member that is always cooking a pot of left-over bones and vegetable scraps or you might have begun to hear of all the amazing health benefits of this magical elixir. Regardless, now is the time to give broth it’s proper mention.

So what exactly is this Bone Broth???

Bone broth is a nutritious liquid made from animal bones and meat along with vegetables and herbs that is then simmered for an extended period of time. As the ingredients slowly cook, the bones release powerful nutrients including collagen, gelatin, calcium, and other minerals to boost health and provide delicious flavor.

Need an Immune System Boost? Feeling tired or anxious? Being told by your doctor to reduce inflammation? We have your solution...

There is a reason why grandmothers across the world have been simmering soup on their stoves whenever a loved one seemed ill. Bone Broth has incredible health benefits, many which you may have never thought of before reading this!

As 85% of your immune system resides in your gut, it is the most logical place to start when healing your body. The gut is the foundation of your entire health! “Happy Gut=Happy Life” Bone broth contains many amino acids, but 2 very important ones being proline and glycine. Glycine supports daily detoxification in the body along with assimilating collagen which is a nutritional powerhouse! Proline is essential to cell structures by strengthening their walls; this is beneficial to those looking to heal the gut from digestive disorder. It can even help those who seek skin support such as lack-luster skin and breakouts! Since the body doesn’t make enough of these amino acids on its own, adding this bone broth can be a delicious way to get these into your life without having to take yet another supplement!

Another very important part of bone broth is the availability of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and magnesium; these are all essential for daily function and helping you recover from a hard workout or from being sick. 

What separates Our 3 Broth from its competitors?

All the goodness of this broth doesn’t just begin upon opening the seal, but begins at the farm.  We created Our 3 Broth in part to our dedication to using only the highest quality of ingredients in their broth; it is because of this passion and desire that we decided to use only local farmers that use regenerative farming practices to ensure the highest quality of life for the animal AND the ground. This, in turn, creates a highly nutritious and delicious broth. Our 3 is one of the only broth companies that provides broth that is from 100% truly pasture-raised chicken. We also utilize whole stewing hens, chicken backs (bone with meat) AND chicken feet which provides a huge amount of gelatin and collagen to the broth. Many other companies will use only the bones. 

The broth is created by a Certified Executive Chef, Joseph Allison, so you know it’s going to be extremely delicious! The broth is cooked for 30+ hours which allows significant time to break down the bones and get as much nutrients and flavor into the broth; this process cannot be rushed! 

One last crucial part that separates Our 3 Broth from many other store-bough broths is that is a frozen product which means all the nutrients stay intact along with no additives or preservatives! This is why we will never produce a shelf-stable broth which kills all the beneficial vitamins and minerals inside. 

Ways to incorporate into your daily life:

Broth can be utilized in many different ways! Some of our favorite ways is to warm the broth in a saucepan and then drink in the morning for the perfect start to you day. Use broth in place of water in many recipes which will lead to more robust flavor while still gaining the nutrition.Cooking rice tonight for dinner? Use the broth instead of water! Making a soup? Broth would be the PERFECT addition instead of water.

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