Village Kitchen 112

Mass Ave authentic Parisan Bistro Cropichon et Bidibule. Opening earlier in 2015, Chef Joseph was the restaurant consultant for menu options, vendor selections, plating, menu design, food costing.

Restaurant Consultant

Opening a restaurant and need some guidance to make your dream a reality? Want to take your restaurant to the next level?  Are you looking to stand out in crowded market place and out preform your competitors? From development of a few new dishes to launching a brand new concept from scratch, let Chef Consultant Joseph Allison help you achieve your goals with a new perspective from seasoned industry professional.  Call us for a free initial consultation and let us contribute to building your success. Let’s get cooking!

Check out newly opened Village Kitchen 112 in Zionsville, Indianapolis. Chef Joseph was the restaurant consultant, focusing on restaurant design, flow of kitchen.

Opened in summer 2009 Chef Joseph Allison was on the management team for Donato's Restaurant. The construction was from the ground up giving complete insight to the chefs design of the open-kitchen concept in Pittsburgh. Chef Allison assisted with menu design, flow of kitchen, recipe construction, hiring, food cost, inventory, and overall COGS

Donato's Restaurant

Cropichon et Bidibule