J&C Food & Wellness

​I remember culinary school as if I just left the classroom. WHY? I never stopped cooking, educating, and practicing. How many people actually cook dinner for their family and sit down to eat together? Do you have that desire to impress your loved ones but don't want to all the homework, travel, and time commitment attached to attending culinary school? You're in luck, Chef Allison has instructed more than 3,000 students on culinary techniques from fundamentals to advanced cooking, menu building, cost control, and how to become a private chef. I would like to educate today’s enthusiasts to meet their greatest potential, whether they’re advanced in their craft or just starting out.

Sharpen your culinary and pastry skills with our all-you-can-cook subscription.  The cooking classes are a diverse variety of recipes and subjects so you can expand your palette and grow your cooking and baking skills, all from the convenience of your own kitchen. Even better? We provide assistance from a professional chef educator so you can ask questions, troubleshoot recipes and join a vibrant community of other aspiring chefs!

World Cuisines
Explore global cuisines, learning the cultural history, key ingredients, cooking styles, characteristics, and recipes of everything from Asian and African to European and American gastronomy.

Charcuterie and Garde Manger - minimum 2 day class

Focusing on smoking, curing, marinating of foods and cheese making. 

The Farm to Table Kitchen
More than just a trend, farm-to-table is an important part of our philosophy. Learn the relationship between the chef and the supplier, how to use sustainable and organic foods in menu production, different methods of sourcing pasture-raised food, and more.

10 classes / $850 - 15 classes / $1250 - per 2 hour class / $119 includes ingredients 


Wine & Food
This course also includes the study of wine varieties from growing to harvesting and the important skill of matching wine with foods. Also presented will be the taste evaluations of wines and how to cook with them.

​Culinary Fundamentals 
As the preliminary course, this class covers basic techniques like terminology, seasoning, cooking methods, knife skills, mise en place, and food safety and sanitation.​

Introduction to Bread and Pastries - minimum 2 day class

Cover pastries from bake shop staples, along with the theory and chemistry of pastry arts. Includes cookies, custards and breads.

Regional Cuisines
Explore the history and culture underlying the major European cuisines. This course encompasses the practice of replicating classical and modern dishes from a variety of regional cuisines such as France, Spain and Italy.

Breakfast & Brunch
Build upon the foundations taught in Culinary Foundations with breakfast and brunch cooking


Culinary Entrepreneurship
This course covers such topics as business planning, pricing, credit management, government regulation, legal concerns. Business ethics and the crucial role and importance of management and leadership are also covered. 

Menu Design and Management
Learn how the menu is used as a financial tool and communication tool. Covers all aspects of menu planning and design, ranging from visual design to price analysis to making use of available resources. Students learn about both food and beverage menus.